Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Just Keeps Raining

Hi My shoejunkies and recessionistas. It will not stop raining. I'm going to start calling this monsoon season. Anyhoo, I saw this the other day and thought it would be perfect for this season. The High Country Heated Shoe & Boot Dryer. It uses a gently warmed air stream, which won't hurt footwear. The folding arms lock upright and are perfect for regular shoes, pumps, flats, wedges and most boots like new wave ankle boots everyone is loving and wearing all year long it seems.. AND The arms can be extended to accommodate high boots (like wellies). It has an integrated ionizer that helps kill that odor causing bacteria, eliminate mold and mildew, (damp footwear) and will help freshen up the damp and rainy shoes & boots. This will definitely extend the life of your shoes 34.95@

And because it won't stop raining, You got to be careful when you venture out into the world in high heels. (I know, we always got to be cute). Here's a cool mothers day gift idea The Strut n' Style gift set. What mother or woman can't use a little extra comfort inside the shoe and a little insurance outside against the dreaded skids, the duck walk and the potential injury caused by slipping and/or falling high heels in the rain. Check what you will get:
1 Pair Each:
Tip Toes
Heavenly Heelz
Strappy Strips
Killer Kushionz
Petal Plusheez (Black)
2 Pairs:
Sole Stopperz (Black)
Yummies. And they are only $44.95


Pam Walter said...

This really had me going when I first looked at the photo. Looks like an accessory for an automobile!

Shoeblogr said...

tee hee. it does look other worldly. But it does a great job @ killing microbes in and freshening shoes. I love it...