Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sexy Vegan

All this talk about Earth Day and Green/Sustainable Lifestyle got me thinking about vegan shoes. Usually they look like they should come with a vat of patchouli. But Stella McCartney has brought vegan into "chic-dom". Speaking of which, her Canvas print espadrilles are cute in a  discovery channel safari way and the jute wrapping around the wedge and heel is kinda edgy. $395 @ Net-A-Porter




Here is another vegan star to make you think again about vegan shoes.



Beyond Skin has got a beautiful take on vegan. The Cherub Pump is so classic I had to add it. With one catch, they're made of hemp. How Joan Holloway/Mad Men can you get? Can they be  more striking, sexy and walkable. Hand made and guilt free for the green scene and only $ .




So Te Casan folds but the yummy Natalie Portman vegan line is still available a a lot of different stores. Check out the Te Casan by Natalie Portman Picasso Wedge . Love her style. Very clean and classic. And on sale from about $300 to $

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