Thursday, May 14, 2009

1st Lady: Sneaker Scandal to Sneaker Chic

Hi shoe junkies. You have to love Michell Obama. Shes self made, beautiful, sophisticated, but not to keen on the protocol from time to time. Her sneakers wouldn't be that much of an issue, if she were free to be an independent fashionista. BUT she is not. She's the first lady, a reflection of the people. And most people cannot afford $600 Lanvin here are a few classic suggestions that may have slipped her mind. They're modern and will pass the first lady stress test.

You know them. You love them. Always imitated (like Lanvin) but never duplicated, the converse all-star, always classic and modern. Maybe they could use some good inner sole comfort for the first lady. But over all they would still come in under $100. $45 to be exact @Zappos.

Maybe the classic isn't girly enough for Mrs. O, well Converse also has a low profile euro styled sneaker called the Converse All Star® Light Ox. Very sleek and they come in Black and her fave Purple. And they come in 47.95 @Zappos

Now one other highly under rated sneaker that is so chic. Pro Keds. I had them, I loved them and still do. And they reflect the recessionista mindset that we the people would love her for.first lady in this economy $51 @ Zappos

But wait. Less we not forget about The classic Adidas Stan Smith. Leather, clean, crisp and perfect for looking fab. And still come in under a 100. $59.95 @ Zappos

Most of us wouldn't have cared if she wore $100 sneakers. But $600? That's a bit Imelda Marcos of her. And that we don't want...

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