Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tips For Fabulous Feet: Warning! Cheap Shoe Alert! part 2

Now that you made your selection and checked for the quality look. Go ahead and splurge on these products at the time of purchase:
  • Gel soles - callous prevention
  • Extra cushy innersoles and foot padding - callous prevention
  • Clear Bandages - heel blisters prevention
  • Heel Liners - for a better fit and heel blisters prevention
  • Corn Pads/Wraps - too obvious to say
Here are some suggestions:

Gel Soles - Dr. Scholl's for Her Ball Of Foot Cushion

Not for every shoe, they can slip. But for new sandals they're ideal. Place just before toes (not under), beneath ball of foot in
new shoes, to prevent that cheap shoe pressure and unsightly callouses. And for $5.49 @Drugstore. com they work even better.

Innersoles and Foot Padding - Dr. Scholl's 100% Lambs Wool Padding

Well all know about the good old fashioned inner sole. But do we know about the good old fashioned remedy, lambswool? Well Dr. Scholl's released this, well kept secret of ballerinas, to the public. Lamb's wool has been used for centuries by dancers. And it's perfect for pumps. It's breathable and you can wrap in around trouble spots. I used it during my ballet days and it works. At $4.49, I wish I'd thought of it. (duh)

Clear Bandages - Nexcare Waterproof Bandages Clear

I use these Nexcare Bandages from 3M in my not so forgiving exotic dancer pumps. And they work wonders. I place one on my heel with the pad just below where my heel meets the trouble spot. The bandage is clear and not detectable by my audience. So they should definitely work for those not under the microscope. And they're only $3.49 @ Drugstore.com.

Heel Liners - Profoot Care Heal Snugs

I just discovered these Profoot Care Heel Snugs last year. They're brilliant for fit and comfort. We all know that cheap shoe spread. Where every time you step your heel come out of the pump. Not Cool! ; ( But for $3.39 @ Drugstore.com these babies solve the problem by narrowing that spread and providing you a snug comfortable fit that doesn't irritate.

Corn Pads/Wraps - Profoot Care Vita-Gel Corn Wraps

I'll start by saying that I have not used this product, but I love the concept. Has anyone tried them? Corn pads work but they shift and come off due to the adhesive loosening from sweat. But if they work for you use them. The Vita Gel Corn Wraps concept eliminates this problem. They are washable and reusable with no adhesive, the gel keeps them in place. I would use them in my oxfords or wedges. And at a reasonable $4.29 @ Drugstore.com, I'll be trying them asap. I'll keep you posted

Most of these item are even for sale with the cheap shoe store. So get em'. Lets recap.
  • Check shoes thouroghly
  • Notice trouble spots
  • Make sure they don't look cheap
  • Use products like these for comfort and to extend the life of the shoes.
  • And always remember, cheap shoes are a closet enchancement not a staple. Use sparingly!

Your feet will thank you.

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k-lover said...

Thank you for the shoe padding advice! I've got some sores so I was googling on what kind of pads I should use to prevent them from happening again and I came to your blog!