Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day : Earth Shoes

Happy Earth day shoejunkies. So it's earth day let's talk about Earth Shoes. Growing up in the 70s, the earth shoe was everywhere. They were as widespread as the AMC Pacer, bell-bottoms or disco and just as iconic.

The technology for earth shoes were invented by Anne Kalso a danish Yoga instructor/costume designer. While on a trip to Brazil she noticed the posture of the indigenous people as they walked bare foot in the sand. Their heels were lower than their toes and influenced the cutting edge technology she developed over the next decade.

She opened her first store in Copenhagen in 68. But it didn't make it to the states until 1970 when a chance meeting in 69 between Kalso and Americans Raymond and Eleanor Jacobs while vacationing in Europe. They loved the comfort and secured the distribution rights for the US. and the rest is history. The secret to the shoe was the Kalso Minus Heel (now called Negative Heel® Technology) that mimicked yoga's mountain pose. Great for posture. And now they are reissuing a lot of the original styles.

Now on to the shoes>>>

But you got to love the modern styles. Like the Earth Women Fiona Mooshie so cute. And they have the power to give you better posture. These are Black Leather but they also come in mahogany and Bordeaux. Awesome with those new boho styles. Is it obvious I am a Mary Jane nut. And $130.95 @ you can't go wrong. Marcia Brady or Thelma Evans anyone?

And for vegan styles, they got you. Par example, Earth Women Inhale Microfiber . Totally vegan and totally hip cute athletic Mary Jane. Great for the urban stomp or the outdoorsy hike. Same technology for great posture and muscle tone. In a plethora of colors, I'm sure you find one that fits you. And only $94.95


Pam Walter said...

So comfy. Haven't had a pair in a long time but are definitely something I need to revisit!

Shoeblogr said...

You and me both girl. But now they have such cool modern designs, you dont have to use them for only retro looks.