Sunday, May 20, 2007

Michael Kors and My sister

I just recently discovered my sister and share a love and passion for Nordstrom Rack. Both of us, in different cities, around the same time acquired a fresh pair of Michael Kors shoes for around $30 . We Rule.

Anywho'... That got me thinking about Michael Kors' appeal, aside from being the snippy judge on Project Runway. I mean, He's not very innovative. He doesn't take many chances. But what he does come out with classic designs that add just enough trend to be contemporary but not disposable. And he does it well. Par example:

Here's a winner, Geneva. The platform very chic and the neutral tone gives it a classic look. The gold details are just enough for grown-up edge but not over the top. Preppy to rocker to edgy 40's can all work. $398.95 @Zappos

Everyone this is Sol. Sol meet everyone. It winks at boho chic, but does it with a sophisticated platform heel give it wardrobe flexibility. And the ace in the hole - woven metallic which are very big this season. Jeans or a tailored shorts suit would bring this out. $289.00 on Sale!@Zappos

It's Mai Tai. And it's got the right tends put together in a sleek and subtle way. Simple criss-cross vamp and ankle strap. Gold buckle along with with the cork wedge and tropical platform makes it very now, yet sophisticated and fun. $265.00 on Sale!@Zappos

The point is Michael Kors, trend = good design, not disposable design. In the immortal words of Notorious B.I.G. If ya don't know. Now ya know.

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