Monday, May 21, 2007

Eamz 2 Eames

Here I am again with another comparison. Now we all know, from a previous post, about United Nude. Some of you probably knew before me. They directly sampled the foot Charles Eames used in many of his designs, for the heel of their shoe. So meet the Eamz Booty. Funny something designed 1956 is still so fashion forward. I see Emily from The Devil Wears Prada wearing them to the office and running some ridiculous errand for Miranda. On Sale! $195.00 @Zappos Check the reviews for comfort and durability on this one.

Now, this is the Lounge 1956, one of the pieces that Eames incorporated the base that inspired United Nude Eamz line. Miranda, as editor of the Vogue-like, "Runway Magazine" would own classic leather and plywood chair as she edits "The Book" while lounging. BTW 2007 marks the 100 birthday of the designer/architect/engineer. How fitting this chair can fetch hefty prices, from a man who got dismissed from University for thinking too modern. The Library of Congress has an online exhibition of his and wife Ray's work. One of my favorite magazines, Wallpaper Magazine, is celebrating in this months issue. Check it all...

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