Monday, April 30, 2007

Music for Shoe Shopping: These Boots Are Made For Walking

I know, I mentioned this point in a previous post. Okay the one before this. But this subject should be reviewed further. I love this song. Nancy Sinatra was puttin' it down' in this song. It's the subtle sexuality and delivery that gives the song such personality. The instrumentatiom that makes it move. It swings. She sounds like she lived this song over and over and over again. When she got with the songwriter Lee Hazelwood to record it, you could feel it. Okay boot's start walkin'.

Enter Jessica Simpson. Hasn't even really lived yet, relies heavily on her parents for her career, spoiled, and it showed in the performance. Weak, too breathy, the lyric changes horrible, no emotion. (tell us how you really feel?) I'm not against covers. Marilyn Mason covered Eurhymics-Sweet Dreams and Soft Cell-Tainted Love, Dwele covered Bobby Caldwell-Open Your Eyes. I dig all of them. If you can't do it better than the original, leave it. I 'll take the original. Get you going in the morning, out and about, with some grown-up edge. But what do you think? Both are here, you be the judge.

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