Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ballet Inspiration

As I was browsing the the pages of everybody's fave online shoe stop, Zappos. Something dawned on me while perusing the ballet flats. One, that it's so great that flats are totally back. I mean, who doesn't want to be like Audrey Hepburn at the beatnik club in Funny Face or LuLu in To Sir With Love doing the cool jerk? Second, That of these flats some designers are better incorporating the ballet slipper aesthetic within the shoe. (Everybody sing) Fame... I'm gonna live for-e-e-ver. I digress. So if you want to live you MET fantasies of 20 years, today or just have a thing for spring. Check these stand-outs. Let's talk about the slipper inspired shoes first. These are straight out of a Degas painting. Except for the creepy stalker aspect.

Geox - D Kyra 1 is does a pretty good job with it's rubber sole and ballet pink leather upper. The toe and heel turned up shape is reminiscent of clogs. Perfect for dodging those springtime cloudbursts giving me fits right about now. $138.95

I'd definitely go there with Chinese Laundry-Harp. It's ruched (is that a word?) satin is so cute. But they added some edge with the suede patch at the heel. (so sock like) Break out the springtime leg warmers and skinny jeans. She's a man-i-ac man-i-ac I know (I promise, no more 80s pop culture) But really, they come in a lot of colors, you can put them with anything playful. That darling dress from Plasticland might just do the trick. $62.95

A little less playful, but still fun is Shellys London version aptly named Coco for the apparent Chanel inspiration. It means business. Love the black and cream quilting, very Charlotte York at the gallery. Maybe a dress from Allison Sharpe Designs, the Jackie O rox. And the price, $55.95 be still my beating heart.

Have you noticed the Jessica Simpson line. Aside her inspo-pop roots with a porn star moniker, and her hideously awful rendition of Nancy Sinatra's ultimate shoeblogr anthem These Boot's Are Made For Walking; she puts out a nice pair of boots..uhh.. made for walking. No, but seriously, her brand has style. Check the Jessica Simpson - Like. I know it's a wedge, but the flat left me well.. a little flat. I love the metallic pink. (Awesome) The wedge is sleek and it's $82.95. She should definitely stick to shoes and producer's tunes.

Want something more summer-y? Check out Jessica Bennett.- Farr, caught somewhere between an espadrille, a sandal and an organic ballet slipper, And the color metallic blue. Yum. 60s mod party dress anyone? They look like alpargates akin to the espadrille worn in Spain, France and Latin America. $125.95

Just as summer-y is Hollywould-11062 K, It's cute, it's sunny and fresh. Dresses, dresses, and more dresses and shorts and pencil skirts and boho skirts etc... the colors khaki/pink gigi, would make it a staple for me. But at the price they better feel like sneakers. If they don' t, they'll go straight back. $298.95.

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