Monday, August 18, 2008

Gentle Souls - Gabby By Kenneth Cole

I have to say that style and comfort rarely meet in a cute shoe. So Kenneth Cole starting a comfort line is absolutely brilliant. Everybody meet Gentle Souls - Gabby. Gentle Souls -Gabby meet everybody. Their claim to fame is the buttery soft leather upper deerskin lined for extra softness, as well as flaxseed memory pillows embedded in the footbed. The flaxseeds, with their hard shell, mold to the shape of your foot to provide extra support that resists compression, to give you long-lasting comfort.

So I tried them out to see for myself.I have to tell you I've had them for a week now. In this week I have run for 18 buses, 4 trains, stood in them for 5 hrs at a time at work and Had walks for fun as well. My verdict: they do live up to the theory. When I changed shoes I felt the difference My feet wanted the pillow softness of the inner sole. They are so soft they don't have the new shoe pinch we all know. But be care not to tear them in urban situations. And the look is so Audrey Hepburn. I can wait to try the pumps. I wore them to work, to play, right now. I'll be hitting the pavement and my bike in them later.

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