Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Tale Of Two Shoes

Okay Shoejunkies. Something crazy just happened.

My man Ron and I are walking to get a cool drink before heading in to the library. When on Saratoga and Sharp streets, what do I see? A pair of lizard square heeled mules on the sidewalk. Placed ever so carefully in the center of the corner square. The shoe gods said "let there be shoes" and angels swooped down in stilettos and placed these shoes 20ft in front of me. They are toffee colored square toed stacked heel BeBe mules. Ultra classic and ultra chic. All I could think was how awesome they would look with some long dress slacks or flared stiff jeans. Sometimes serendipity steps in and fabulous shoes step out. Before I wear them I WILL tea tree oil the hell out of them. Anyone out there had fate drop a pair of shoes in your lap? That's all for now.



Anna said...

Can you show us a picture?? How cool is that! I've never gotten free shoes out of the blue, except when White Mountain footwear sent me five pairs to review! I was expecting two. :)

shoeblogr said...

Unfortunately I don't have a pic yet. Still to come. I'll make it a follow up to the story. I find accessories from time to time when out and about. But I like the shoe review senario even better. :)