Monday, July 9, 2007

A Quick Note

Hope everybody had a good 4th of July. It's the heat of summer, so now we look toward fall. Cool breezes, leaves crunching at our feet and chilly temps jacket weather. I can just taste the air. May of the trends for fall are similar to summer in the jewel tones, light fabrics, and layering. The shoe reflect that very feminine sentiment, along with edgy shapes, and classic design.

So with change of season comes change. A new addition to features with all the faves. Designer Spotlight covers the people behind innovation and creativity. Tips for Fabulous Feet: Fall Foot Health has great tips on... well... fall foot health. You'll be fashion forward with Trend Watch. The reviews will keep coming.

Welcome to all shoejunkies new to Shoeblogr. I humbly thank you for your comments and hope you will keep commenting on you favorite styles and (least favorites). Shoeblogr loves opinions. But we always to remember in the end style is subjective. How you express your personal style comes down to you. What you want from life.

Shoeblogr is my personal style, where luxury and edge meet, And I hope you like it. Every post comes from my relentless search for shoes. 'I work hard so, you don't have to'. Let's have some fun .Shoejunkies of the world, unite!!!

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