Thursday, July 12, 2007

Designer Spotlight: Carlos By Carlos Santana

Hey Shoejunkies! As I sail the virtual sea, aka' web shopping, my adventure never ceases to amaze. We all know the link between music and fashion. So when I came across Carlos By Carlos Santana for the 1st time, a bell when off in my head. No, I wasn't crazy, but the logo made me think. I this 'the Carlos Santana'? You know the Latin Rock, Jazz, Blues fusion pioneer with hits like Black Magic Woman, Evil Ways, and Oye Como Va. Or the veteran artist in 2000 who swept the Grammies for hit collabs on his album Supernatural with Smooth feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 and Maria Maria feat. the R&B duo The Product G&B. There's a guitar in the logo and that is definitely his name. Hmm???

Upon deeper inquiry, I discover it is 'the Carlos Santana'!!! I'm floored. No matter what search I do @ or let's say Zappos, his looks keep coming up. And I consistently love the designs. So how do you go from the first artist to have a #1 hit in two different centuries, to adorning women's feet with some of the most fashion forward designs?

Well lets look closer. He started the shoe company, with his wife Deborah around 2000. It donates part of the proceeds to their, The Milagro (miracle) Foundation, a charitable organization that makes grants to community based organizations around the world working with children in the areas of the arts, education and health.

"We believe that life is a miracle and that children everywhere deserve the opportunity to lead safe, healthy and educationally creative lives."
- Carlos Santana

This changes everything. Not only does the company design for women like me, to quote the website,

"...appeals to 'fashionistas' - who want shoes that will 'make' an outfit - not 'match' it."

(my sentiments exactly) But I can also do something meaningful, while enjoying the frivolous world of fashion. Thanx Santana... It ain't over... The party's not over. I made a Santana playlist @RadioBlogClub called Santana Shoe Mix. You can check his official site So you can rock while you shop.

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