Monday, June 25, 2007

Trend Watch: Jelly

Jellies are back, just in time for vacation season. The classics shapes of the 70s /80s are still around with some updating plus new mixes of textures and adornments. Some are fun, some practical, some just plain gorgeous. I've always loved them. They're all grown up. Be sure to read the latest Tips For Fabulous Feet for how to wear flip flops. And now the picks.

Kors by Michael Kors-Jupiter has a nice take on this classic Boho style. He totally made it futuristic using the jelly trend. And the bejeweled toe ring is just magpie enough. Very grown up and fun. Sundresses, short suits, and those boho graphic skirts would rock these shoes. $

On the more affordable side Michael Michael Kors-Joe Jelly has just as much style and simplicity as his Kors label. I love these and the turquoise is so me. They come in many colors. For $44.99 @, I would get a few pairs.

I found these when I was scanning for deals. Penny Loves Kenny-Jellybean might be a take on the the Street-Chic slipper that's been so popular for the last few years. Maybe a more appropriate take on it. (I never understood house-slipper culture). $37.95

Leave it to Bestey (theme music here). Some how Ms. Johnson makes overdone fabulous. This is Josephine II. If this is #2 I wonder what the 1st incarnation was like. Somehow she took this shape and made it her own. The the cutouts, Multi-colored jewelling and (maybe the best part) the gold heart-shaped buckle. I want it. She never lets you forget your sense of humor and fun. If you agree, $80.00 @Zappos.

Kenzo has my heart with this one. The 273850 (sounds like a high-end car) is so sexy. I love a thong sandal. They took this jelly concept and mixed it with an espadrille wedge. So that makes it look, um... Comtempofuturemodernretrolistic or something? I'm making this up as I go. I do love it. $164.99 @

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