Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tips For Fabulous Feet: Foot Health On Vacation

Salutations Shoejunkies! I know a lot of you are going on vacation. If your like me, vacation is a time to look as fantastic as possible. Fantastic means the highest sexiest shoes as possible without breaking the bank. But are we breaking our feet?

I recently read an article in the Temple Times at Temple University, of which I'll share with you. I don't know if I will do everything on the list, but it was enlightening. I know what I am doing to my feet and can take steps to combat foot pain and fatigue on vacation and during the daily grind.

Presonally, I'm going to tailor this list for my needs. There are many products at shops like, and other sources, that can aid in strengthening foot muscles and give added flexibility. So when you are doing the damage, at least you know how to combat it. Who wants to wear "sensible shoes" all the time unless they absolutely have to? I don't. But I also want to wear fantastic shoes forever. This will help. Hope it helps you. Let me know of anything you guys have read. Tootles...

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