Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2 For Tuesdays... Uh... Wednesday ; )

Hey Shoejunkies. As your faithful shoeblogr, I'm always looking for a deal. Here's one for the books. Remember the "Cheap Shoe Alert" post? Well here's the concept in action so stock up. Victoria's Secret is an awesome resource for the trendy styles at great prices. 2 for $80 to be exact. Yum. They have quite the selection, here are 2 my faves.

I love a peep-toe pump. (duh) The heel: sexy and walkable. The look: casual. And I love the details in this one. Nu boho or downtown chic it's a hit @"Vicky's" @/$80. Woo hoo.

And yes peep-toe again, but it's so pretty. The look, dressy with some tarty glam overtones. My fave is the printed version, but the pewter has it's own charm. Perfect for South Beach clubbing. Just in time for spring break. And again 2/$80 @ "Vicky's".

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