Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tips for Fabulous Feet: Warning! Cheap Shoe Alert!

Hey Shoe Junkies. I was making my usual shoeblogr rounds, when out of nowhere I spy this gorgeous shoe. Sleek... Sexy... Stacked... Emerald green with gold piping. I was in love. Until I saw the brand -- Payless. Ugh... I have a love/hate relationship with Payless. Their designs keep improving, but I don't keep my feet spa fresh to endure heel rubbing, blisters, callouses, and mid-season shape loss. Sigh... But, this cloud has a silver lining. Maybe there's a compromise. Let's debate... C-H-E-A-P S-H-O-E-S!

Here one opinion for cheap shoes as a closet staple.
"I only buy cheap shoes, cause' shoes just wear out anyway. And I can get more cause they're cheap."

To that I retort:

Um...That may be true, but after extended wear, the natural padding of our foot bed starts to wear down. Foot problems and pain soon follow. So maybe let's not make cheap shoes a closet staple, but a closet enhancement. They retain their shape longer and won't cause you additional foot fatigue.

When you see that cute cheap shoe for $25-$30, check it close. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the stitching even?
  • How will the foot bed hold up?
  • Is glue showing on the outer edges?
  • Is it contoured in way to keep its shape?
  • Bend it, does it crease? Minor? OK. Major? Stay away!
  • Does it flare when you bend it? Minor? OK. Major? Stay away!
The last thing we want is for any shoe to look cheap. You've seen em'... young girls in cheap shoes that look beat up. The point is to look fabulous right?

Next time tips on comfort...

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