Monday, June 22, 2009

Staycation Fun

Can't afford to go on vacation, well staycation is just the thing for you. It's a getaway in your own backyard. It just take a little imagination and creativity to get out of the same ol', same ol'. And the right shoes can help.

Summer is festival season. Here in Baltimore we have a celebration of all kitch called HONFEST. This is the place to pull out you beehive wigs, cateye glasses, the Mrs. Roper kaftans, pink foam curlers and kitch it up for the world to see.

I have been obsessed with June Cleaver lately.Her look would be perfect for HONFEST. Poofy dress with complete with petticoat, chiffon apron and feather duster. But this seemingly docile "doormat-of-a-housewife" look would not be complete without the fetishy pumps-- a 50s suburban housewife staple. Notice the heels... maybe underneath she's the pinup of ward's dreams.

Now check these out.pic-route-66-vintage-shoes

Route 66 100% Leather "Elvira Perez" Vintage Inspired Pumps - Black

are not cheep but very true to the concept. Classic and adorable and $118


Bordello Retro Shoes "Rosa" Peep Toe Pinup Sandal with Satin Rose Detail

Just as adorable as the route 66 but a little more purr to them. And a cuter price $46

So watch out HONFEST the happy housewives will be taking over. Thanx HON...b See It just takes a little creativity....


Pam Walter said...

The HONFEST looks like a riot. Love the old photos!

Shoeblogr said...

Girl it's crazy. That when the kitchy is "off the hook". I can't count the many long ashy cigarettes and pink curlers. It's so fun.