Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reconnection: Chuck Taylors Classic Edge

Hi Shoejunkies,
I've noticed a lot of looking back lately, by the media, economists, and pop culture. I guess we are all trying to retrace our steps to see where we went wrong and learn from it. Well, It's not all about mistakes. There are somethings the past got right. Remember these?

Yes 'ye old stand by', Chuck Taylors have been around since 1923 and have been adopted generation after generation of mainstream and subversive culture. Greasers, rockabilly, punks, grunge, hip hop and anyone who wants to add edge to a look. And they are still reasonably priced.. $45@Zappos. A few more pop culture facts and tips on Chuck Taylors at

I will always wear them. They look awesome with whatever I wear. Add a naughty little girl aire to a dress, or rebelliousness to a tailored suit. And the good ole' faithful jeans and customized tee. A good example of getting it right the first time. :)