Monday, November 3, 2008

Recessionista Boot Round-Up

Hi Shoejunkies. I'm excited. Never have I seen so many stylish, functional, and reasonably priced boots as I have seen this season. Recessionistas needed worry.

 Some Faves: 

Now when you just need a pair of stylish wellies. Tretorn - Skerry Vinter Shiny is the way to go. Very cute with the Chuck Taylor-ish detail and notice the lining. But even better, the price . Just $66.00 @ Revolve Clothing Maybe get 2 pair.



Okay can Tretorn - Plask Toggle be any more modern and classic. Love the toggle closures and the wedge sole. As if Tretorn knows just what we recessionista want. The best quality you can afford. And they do it for me with these crazy Maryland winters. All this for $154 @ Revolve Clothing

Speaking of Quality... London Fog has symbolized quality for years. Check this fashion forward design of Wales. Totally cute with the slivered wedge. Classic with its black suede, but here's the clincher. They are waterproof. Form and function and only $130.00 @ Piperlime

All I can say is F Troupe - Buckle Strap Heel Ankle Boot are adorable. Just discovered F Troupe and I'm so glad I did. The closures are awesome. I love the textured leather in "nut brown". And the keyhole makes them understated and sexy. $213 @ Revolve Clothing



So cool are these boots. Timberland's version of the engineer boot, the Lexiss Street, is just so right to me. It edges whatever you wear and will stay rugged through the big slush fest in the city. Make sure to care for them and these babies will last. $159.95 @ Shoemania



Pam Walter said...

I just love boots but it rarely gets cold enough here (southern Arizona) to wear them! The London Fogs look particularly comfortable.

Shoeblogr said...

Hi Pam. Arizona might be tricky for boots. You could do booties(boots,that come up just below the ankle) are widely available now.
And sometimes you got to play it like 80's New York and just go for it. If it makes you feel good, do it. And the London Fogs are so cute. Thank you so much for commenting.