Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oxford Sandals WOW!!!

Okay Shoejunkies. You know you love the oxford look of last season. But warm weather is here and you want to let those peds be seen. So what will you do?
I know !!! Check these.

For those who got it like that. Christian Louboutin Cutout Bootie. Sexy Fetishy Chic. (Sounds like a 90s TLC album.) You may remember it from the Shoeblogr 2008 Spring Collection video. Unmatchable style and quality. And a cool $850.00 @Neiman Marcus. Hey I would if I could...

But for those like me. Nine West has Boutique 9. The place to get the "inspired by" looks that you want. Compare. Just as sexy fetishy cool. Maybe not as comfortable. But we covered that in Tips For Fabulous Feet Series. And on sale only $99.99 @Nine West.com Get em while there hot.

Another Nine West winner is Heathers just as chic. No platform but I dare you to wear them with a suspendered pinstripe pencil skirt and not be total fab. $93.00 @Zappos.


Ashley said...
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shoeblogr said...

Hi ashley. I love that look too. Thank you for the coupon link. I love a good deal on shoes as much as the shoes themselves. I only have a few prs. But It is growing steadily it being sale season and all. Thank you for your comments.


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