Saturday, February 9, 2008

How would you these treats in your chocolate box?

Toffee Crunch:
Sailor by Betsey Johnson has the perfect magpie mix of elements. Love the heart and bow on the peep toe. In it's modern lucite form. Can't forget the heart buckle detail. Adorable. $175.00@Zappos

Cranberry Crunch:
Cayden by Betsey Johnson. Sweet and tarty. Just in time for the one you love. The hot pick rocks and I love the pearl details, so sweet. That stiletto heel, so tart. $190.00@Zappos

Spicy Dark Chocolate:
Carlos by Carlos Santana Pounce, Are classic and sexy. Plus let the magpie fly with that eye-popping metallic red. They want to dance all night. $

All the Neuhaus in the box:
Steve Madden Chavela so romantic. They like to go to dinner and be seen.But be warned in you wear these shoes,you may not leave the hotel room of that getaway. $93.95@Zappos.


Anna at said...

THe "Cranberry Crunch" looks delicious! ;)

Betsey Johnson never goes wrong, but my goodness, I am in love with these! I foresee a related post on my blog in the near future...

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