Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tips for Fabulous Feet: Fall Foot Care

Well Shoejunkies, change of season means time to reassess the condition of our feet.
  • Got to busy and missed a few pedicures?
  • Have we adequately exfoliated?
  • Any new or old callouses?

Before we isolate our feet from the world for the season, we should ask ourselves these and other questions. Let's be sure our feet are in the best possible condition for new shoes. Problems don't disappear just because they are covered. On the contrary, closing up our feet in dark, moist, hot places (fabulous shoes) can be worse for our skin than sandals. You know bacteria and fungi LOVE this environment. So here are a few tips.

Take an honest look at your feet. The questions above are a good start for checking overall health. If you have symptoms of athlete's foot. Take care of it immediately. It can spread to toenails, an even harder place to get rid. And who wants that?

Check that your arches are still strong. I found an awesome video by Gary Moller with a quick and simple exercise you can do to avoid, back pain, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain and all other related problems (If that's not reason enough) by keeping your arches strong. High heels can do a lot of damage. But we still love em'. So do it.

Along with the questions above, ask also about your age. I know you never ask a woman her age. But our feet do expand as we age. Many foot problems stem from ill-fitting shoes. So get your feet sized at the beginning each season. Remember, feet expand during the course of a day. So wait until the afternoon to go on that shoe excursion. You'll get a more correct fit. You don't want to add to aging with a bouncing baby hammer toe or bunion.

Hope this helps. If you are honest with yourself and resolve your problems head on, your feet will thank you. Now on to those Shoes Fabulous Shoes!!!

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