Monday, June 18, 2007

Trend Watch: Lucite

Lucite (or what Chris Rock warmly calls "Clear heels"), once the domain of the sex industry, is being thrust back into the mainstream. They had a "foothold" in the 70s with disco and the hedonistic lifestyle that 'escorted' it. But some how it fell out of favor with those "respectable" types during the Reagan years (uh huh... while they were wife swapping in the 'Burbs') I digress. They're not just for stripping anymore. They're being produced in all kinds of new ways. Chunky, sleek an futuristic, just brimming with femininity.

These little kitten heels by J. Renee´ are adorable. Called Dice, for obvious reasons. They have the right mix of casual edge for daytime wear. Cork sole with gold accents give this shoe some meow without going too over-the-top. Just magpie enough. $98.95@Zappos

Kenneth Cole Unlisted adds Clear View to the list. This is what I would call conservative stripper chic. The smoke color lend interest. While the clear upper give the ever popular floating arched foot illusion which drives em mad... $39.99

You can't talk about sex appeal without Betsey Johnson. The trends always come back to her. Why? Because ultra femme, attention getting gear is always classic. And the mix of fabrics and textures in Sailor make it totally retro-futuristic. Like to dance? have I got the shoe for you $175.00 on Sale! @Zappos.

Another awesome brand in my book Carlos By Carlos Santana. He hit it out the park with Chisel. Guess it's that spicy Latino soul (or sole). He's gone from the mainstream for a while, comes back, writes more hits, and designs this sick line of shoes with his wife. One of the break out brands. $99.95 @Zappos

Okay, Everyone has a shoe brand now. I guess we can thank China. Playboy is an obvious choice for this trend. It's a staple in the genre and Bianca comes Vegas ready. With it's bejeweled details and sparlked black. Remember, what happens in Bianca stays in Bianca. $54.00 @

This is it/What/ Luchini Falling from the sky. Remember that song by Camp Lo from the 90s? If this brand fell from the sky I'd have my umbrella-ella-ella turned upside down. Luchini is another brand to watch. It's new to me. Every time they come up, they have such cool details. Take the Maggie. It's got the floating foot illusion, with the reptile pattern in bone. Yum. Simplicity and sexy for $69.99

I gotta include the original. The one and only. Guaranteed for fun. For Adults only. Any other warnings I can give? This is the ultimate lover crazed shoe. Dancers like it because it works on the stage. You'll like it because it works in the bedroom. You gotta tart it up sometimes and not just on ya lovers birthday. Ellie-Vanity has you covered for $34.99

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