Friday, February 23, 2007

Fresh Stores: New York - Té Casan

Ever secretly wished for a shoe store with great style, luxury comfort and fit with a great price-point? I have. You can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to an Israeli magnate turned shoe maverick' Yaron Kopel and his new creation, Té Casan. He's done for shoes what Ikea did for home furnishings, what H&M did for fashion. Assembled an in house designers for an in house price-point. The designers were hand picked from Alexander McQueen,Versace, and alike. Average shoe price is around $200-$300. Rock on. Granted, not cheap, but just try to get a pair of Manolo's for under $400. Under $500.... Better yet Christian Louboutin... Galliano... (see my point). But that's, as they say, the tip of the iceberg. New designs every week, all limited edition. And you know the sales are gonna' be fierce. Be ready for something between cat-fight and mosh pit. ; )
382 W. Broadway, nr. Spring St.

1. Raised-seam heel, by Manuela Filipovic, $265.
2. Chain-mail heel, by Gaetano Perrone, $725.
3. Grosgrain bow pump, by Gianluca Soldi, $285.
4. Art Deco heels, by Manuela Filipovic, $325.
5. Evening shoe, by Fay.B, $255.
6. Satin bow slingback, by Gianluca Soldi, $275.
7. Stretch bootie, by Zoe Lee, $315.
8. Satin bow mule, by Gianluca Soldi, $250.

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