Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Tips For Fabulous Feet: Part 1

Hey Shoe Junkies! Before I get to the next wonderful pair of footwear, I'd like to discuss foot maintenance. I am an exotic entertainer. Extreme heels are my uniform, 6-8 hours a day. Plus, I'm a public transpo/pedestrian (in fabulous shoes no less). By days end, my feet feel like a quart of bruised cherry tomatoes. I know my fellow shoe junkies are in the same boat. Maybe you don't dance for a living, but you on the catwalk everyday, And your "dogs is barkin". So here a few tips:
  • Get And Maintain A Pedicure- Get those callouses, cuticles and corns attended to. You'll be surprised how much better your shoes fit. And the minor foot massage helps with fatigue.
  • Yoga- After wearing those fabulous stilettos for your "other", your poor feet need realignment. Certain poses in yoga assist me in regaining and maintaining flexibility and strength of my abused ankles, toes, heels and knees.
  • Soaking- We all know this. (Duh) But do we take the time and do it? Not usually. Well, do it.
  • Good Old Fashion Remedies- Products with mint, eucalyptus and menthol increase circulation and relieve pain. After a day of toe numbing goodness, our feet deserve to breathe and repair the damage we do everyday.

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